Lunch Special at Dasom – Surrey


December 23rd, 2011. Lunch at Dasom 




  After the work event at Amenida Adele, Vivian and I went to lunch at Dasom, a little Korean restaurant in the Guildford area.  It used to be a Taco del Mar and they really haven’t renovated the interior…so the tiki theme is still there 🙂








  They have some really excellent lunch specials at Dasom for amazing prices.  And the banchan is pretty great too 🙂






  I had the Spicy Silky Tofu Stew with Galbi in Stone Bowl.  I really like how the stew has a clean taste and isn’t full of MSG.  And the Galbi is great too!  Tender with that perfect char from the grill and then served in a hot stone bowl to keep it warm.  Love it!







  Vivian had this amazing Bibimbap in Stone Bowl.  Just look at the beautiful colors!  How goregous is that.  I really like that they use a different set of toppings, like tobico, and the pomegranate topping is such a fun idea!



I think I may have mentioned that I’m not a fan of eating out for Korean food…but Dasom does it well.  Great prices, clean and delicious food, and fresh banchan!  I approve 😉


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