Bun Cha in Hanoi

November 23rd, 2012. Hanoi Wonderful!


bun cha (hanoi)
bun cha (hanoi)

  Our final day in Vietnam we drove in to Hanoi for a packed day of culture in the big city. It’s the capital of Vietnam as well as being the 2nd largest city in the country (the 1st being Ho Chi Minh City).  Before the sightseeing we were taken to a local Bun Cha restaurant. Must be Korean run because there was Korean signage.


bun cha (hanoi)
bun cha (hanoi)




  Bun Cha, I suppose, is the equivalent to the vermicelli bowl you’ll find here in North America, but It’s surprising how different it is!


bun cha (hanoi)
bun cha (hanoi)




The lettuce, sprouts, herbs, meatballs, rice noodles, and deep fried rolls all come out separately. They pour the “sauce” into the bowl in front of you and essentially you add all the ingredients as you wish.


bun cha (hanoi)
bun cha (hanoi)




   So so so good! The only thing is I wish there was cilantro…..but again, I guess they don’t have it in Vietnam, because every time we tried to request it they kept bringing back more sauce or meatlballs….LOL!


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