Yogurtland – University of Washington

October 22nd, 2011.  Seattle Trippin’






I was due to make a trip down to see Henry.  He’d missed Thanksgiving, so this was a good time to go down to visit him and spend some quality sister-brother time.

We had lunch at Village Sushi, he explained what “trolling” is, showed me around campus, we took lots of pictures, and then he took me to Yogurtland for some froyo!  Like sister like brother, my bro loves some froyo goodness!







They have a lot of delicious flavors going on and more toppings than Pinkberry…and their spoons….SO CUTE!  Pink My Melody spoons….Yes, please~!  I just had to bring a couple home with me 😉








Henry: Hey, Jenn, did you notice the strawberry water?

Me: Yeah..but I’m not really thirsty.

Henry: Well, you should try it anyways.  You can’t really taste the strawberry….but at least you can say that you tried 😉

Me: Mmmm…okay!

(My brother knows that I’m a foodie!)





I got the Red Velvet Cake & Blackberry Lemon Mint flavor froyos with Fruity Pebbles, Mochi, and Mandarin Orange Slices for toppings.  I’d say it’s a bit richer than Pinkberry in terms of texture and taste.  More variety as well….but I still prefer Pinkberry by a hair.  Yogurtland is pretty delish, too!


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