Village Sushi – Seattle

October 22nd, 2011.  Seattle Trippin’

village sushi
village sushi




  I was due to make a trip down to see Henry.  He’d missed Thanksgiving, so this was a good time to go down to visit him and spend some quality sister-brother time.

village sushi
village sushi







  After some coffee at Cafe on the Ave, Henry suggested we go to Village Sushi for some lunch to start off the day.  It’s a quaint little house-turned-restaurant that serves up some homey Japanese fare.

village sushi
village sushi





  Angry Dragon Roll: unagi, cream cheese, avocado and imitation crab roll flash fried.  Not too much to complain about..all ingredients I like and the slight crispy exterior gave it a nice touch.

village sushi
village sushi






  I had the Tempura Udon.  The tempura was wonderfully crispy, and the udon was actually quite good!  I enjoyed the clear, light broth and appreciated the enoki in it.  Nice touch.  It was a solid good bowl of udon!



  All in all a decent neighborhood sushi joint!  I can see myself going here if I lived on the UDub campus 🙂


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