Phnom Penh

October 6th, 2011.  Dinner w/ Rachel at Phnom Penh

phnom penh
phnom penh

  I FINALLY got my butt out to Phnom Penh out in Chinatown in Vancouver.  It’s such a well-known fixture and I can’t believe I’d never been her to eat before.  Of course Rachel was up for some delicious eats with me   After a brief wait we were herded through the crowded small space and seated at one of their large round tables right along side an older couple.  Community dining at it’s most intimate 😉

phnom penh
phnom penh



   The Butter Beef always seems to get rave reviews, so we had to order it.  Super tender, thin slices of beef just melted in my mouth with such a great kick from the acidic sauce and the fried shallots gave a great “crunch”.  I love how the cilantro lent a beautiful herby, refreshing flavor.

phnom penh
phnom penh




  Another one of their signature dishes are the Chicken Wings with Lemon Pepper Dipping Sauce.  Piping hot, super flavorful and crispy skin and super juicy meat inside..and the dipping sauce is money!!  Really, I was licking my fingers~~~~!

phnom penh
phnom penh






  Well, we couldn’t leave without a treat.  Rachel had a Strawberry Bubble Tea and I had the Lychee Bubble Tea.  A sweet ending to an awesome meal!


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