Kami Sushi – White Rock

February 1, 2012

August 25th, 2011.  Work Lunch in White Rock

kami sushi

kami sushi




  So another day of driving around visiting clients and meeting people with Boss.  Today it’s White Rock!  We needed to stop for some lunch, so we went to Kami Sushi at Morgan Crossing.

kami sushi

kami sushi







  It’s a pretty large space for a sushi place and clean.  It’s run by Koreans, so the menu is pretty standard for your typical Korean sushi place. 

kami sushi

kami sushi





  I went for Lunch Combo A, which was 3 pieces of Tempura, 5 pieces of Nigiri, 3 pieces of the Reno Roll and 4 pieces of the Caterpillar Roll.  The sushi was good, the tempura was acceptably crunchy and the rolls were actually quite good. 

kami sushi

kami sushi






  It’s not extraordinary….but I appreciate that they try to make the combos interesting and with a good mix of variety; the food is clean and it’s a nice environment.


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