COAST Restaurant

August 20th, 2011.  Foodie Weekend: Day 1

COAST Restaurant
COAST Restaurant


  Special Situations Dan was visiting for the weekend and both of us being foodies, I’d spent the preceding weeks mulling over what restaurants we should try while he’s in town.  Being the awesome guy he is, SSD went ahead and made reservations based on a list of options I provided.  All I had to do was show up!  Ohhh~~ excited!!!

  Even more exciting?  SSD suggested we do some pre-eats…so we stepped into COAST, which I’d been DYING to try forever! 

  We sat at the bar with a great view of the oysters being shucked, seafood towers being constructed and drinks being made.  Feast for the eyes!

COAST Restaurant
COAST Restaurant





   Terrible photo, but we had these amazing juicy prawns with 3 delicious dipping sauces!  I love dipping sauces   Sweet, succulent, meaty prawns with 3 lovely sauces~!

COAST Restaurant
COAST Restaurant







  We also ordered this delicious Dungeness Crab Flatbread which came with avocados, sweet corn, tomatoes and creme fraiche topping.  SO GOOD!!



  If our appetizers were this good I can’t imagine how divine the rest of the menu must be.  My head was literally turning every which way seeing all the great looking seafood being walked around!  I’m not a huge seafood person..but I can see myself really getting into it here 😀


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