Caffe Artigiano (one of many downtown)

June 13th, 2011.  Canucks and Caffe Artigiano…

caffe artigiano
caffe artigiano


  Lawrence, Eric, Richard and I made the trek to Downtown Vancouver to get in on the mass action that IS game 6 of the Stanley Cup.  But we quickly realized by the end of the first quarter that the Canucks weren’t going to be winning this game… in the middle of the 2nd quarter we skipped out and went to Caffe Artigiano for some coffee!

caffe artigiano
caffe artigiano


  I’d never been but have seen die-hard fans of the franchise, so I went in with high expectations…but I ended up being a bit dissapointed.  I had the Spanish Latte.  I felt the coffee left a very bitter after-taste and I had the worst coffee breath!  Maybe I’m just too used to the packaged and commercialized kind of coffee…haha!


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