Korean-Style Corndog Bites

December 18, 2011

June 11th, 2011.  Korean-Style Corndogs!

annual hebron bazaar

annual hebron bazaar

  We always look forward to the annual Hebron Bazaar.  We always end up receiving TONS of donations of clothes, toys, shoes, home stuff and other random items.  The major pull of the bazaar are the great clothes and plentiful, delicious Korean food!!!!  We always draw a great crowd just by the aroma wafting onto the streets! 

  This year our College & Career group took the undertaking of doing a carwash.  Everything from valet car service, complete wash and even inside detailing if requested!  Definitely not an easy task..but almost everyone created great teamwork, made pretty good time and got the work done.  The biggest hiccups were getting the keys mixed up…woops!!

annual hebron bazaar

annual hebron bazaar





  I was introduced to Korean style “corn dogs” for the first time!!  small bites of sausage with a breaded coating on a stick!  Now what makes this unique is the fact that you take the freshly deep-fried nugget and dunk it in a bowl of sugar…then put ketchup on it!!  Like….WHAT??!!

annual hebron bazaar

annual hebron bazaar








  But trust me…..it’s delicious!!  Juicy sausage on the inside, crunchy exterrior, sweet sugar and sweet yet tart ketchup…..You have to try it!!!


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