Pinkberry – Midtown Manhattan

May 8th, 2011.  The New Love Of My Life

pinkberry - nyc
pinkberry - nyc

  Swirling at Pinkberry in K-Town NYC with Litchi Frozen Yogurt with Blackberries and Honey

  I’m not much of an ice cream person.  I love the idea and the multitude of combinations and flavors that such a canvas as ice cream can support..but I’m just not a cold food person. 

  After months of just walking by Pinkberry nearly every day, hundreds of times I finally walked in to try it.  I’m not gonna lie, the poster up front advertising their new seasonal litchi flavor froyo was one reason why, the cute decor another. 

  First.  I LOVE the fact that they give you samples to try.  Second, I love that you can get your order as a “bite-sized” portion.  Most of all, I love the incredible freshness of the froyo and the ingredients!  So simple, so refreshing and so delicious!  I love the perfect balance of tart and sweet and the texture and taste of it is so sliky and smooth.  I’m in LOVE~~

  Since my first visit I’d been going almost every single night after work…hahahaha!  Tonight I got Chan Young and Eric to come too~!  Deliciousness x 3!!!


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