Sunday Brunch @ Colicchio & Sons

May 1st, 2011.  Sunday Brunch at Colicchio & Sons

colicchio & sons
colicchio & sons


  You know what I’ve always wanted to do?  Sunday Brunch.  I remember my family used to every once in a while after church when we were younger, but as church responsibilities grew it became a non-option.  My gripe is that a lot of establishments have amazing Sunday brunches…arg!!

colicchio & sons
colicchio & sons



  Anyways, I finally got a Sunday off and to top it off it was a beautiful day!  When posed with this opportunity a few days in advance I immediately knew where I wanted to go to celebrate: Colicchio & Sons!  I had had such a wonderful experience the last time and I already knew they had a great looking brunch menu, so off I went on my merry way ~


colicchio & sons
colicchio & sons

  Toad In A Hole with Candied Fennel and Spicy Tomato-Molasses Marmalade.  I’ve always wanted to try this..and the moment the plate came out I was in love!  Plating is so clean and simple, the colors are vibrant, and it looks inviting just looking at it!  The creamy yolk, soft, chewy bread…but best of all was the marmalde!  It was so extremely decadent…I couldn’t get enough~!  I wished I could take a little pot of it home with me  🙂  Oh, and of course the bacon just brought everything together.  The smokiness of the bacon with the sweetness of the marmalade was a great marriage.


  A successful Sunday brunch~♥

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