Arepas Cafe – Astoria, NY

March 29th, 2011. Arepas Cafe

arepas cafe (astoria)
arepas cafe (astoria)




  Aaron insisted that I had to try Arepas.  There’s this place called Arepas Cafe in Astoria that’s known for it and he swore it was good last time he checked, so we went on a wild goose hunt looking for it!

  When in Rome you drink what the Romans drink, so I had a traditional Venezuelan drink, Chicha, a homemade sweet and thick drink made out of rice and cinnamon.  Eh, it was alright with a mild kinda taste.  Not really refreshing, though.

arepas cafe (astoria)
arepas cafe (astoria)



  The Mini Platter: Taquenos (deep fried white cheese wrapped in wheat flour dough), Mini Cachapas (sweet fresh corn pancakes with Venezuelan melted cheese), Mini Empanadas and Yuca Fries

  Everything was actually really delicious, and I’m not just saying that because I love bite-sized food and dip!  The cheeses were sort of sweet and even though most of the items were deep fried it wasn’t super oily.  It was so much fin mixing and matching with the different dips, too!  

arepas cafe (astoria)
arepas cafe (astoria)

  Arepa time~!!  I had the “Mi Amor“: Venezuelan roast pork with yellow cheddar cheese.  It’s really a very simple item.  A pita like vessel, some shredded pork and some shredded cheese.  The simplicity of it is what makes this particular dish.  Nothing gets in the way.  On the other hand, I felt the pork was underseasoned.  But I still enjoyed my first arepa!


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