Sanfords Restaurant – Astoria, NY

March 4th, 2011.  Sanfords Restaurant

sanfords restaurant
sanfords restaurant

So I’m here so often that I’m just going to put a few items together.

First we have the Yellowfin Tuna Tartare: the tuna is marinaded in a sesame soy sauce which enhances and brings a richness, is topped off with the lovely house guacamole, and served atop a cucumber wasabi aioli.  Totally fresh, super yummy, and deceptively a big portion

sanfords restaurant
sanfords restaurant



Special of the day was a Pulpo Salad.  The octopus was perfectly cooked being mice and tender without being rubbery an I loved the vinaigrette dressing.  I will have to say, though….again, it’s a larger portion than meets the eye!


sanfords restaurant
sanfords restaurant




  Sanford’s Guacamole: fresh hass avocado, tomato, red onion, lemon and olive oil served with whole wheat tortillas.  The simplicity and freshness of the ingredients is what makes this guacamole.  Delicious!




Never a disappointing meal at Sanfords  😉


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