HaruHana – K-Town, NYC

October 25, 2011

February 25th, 2011.  Late Night Dinner at HaruHana on W 32nd

haruhana nyc

haruhana nyc


After a 10~12 hour work day we just wanna get out of work and eat something!  With Min Obba there’s no hesitation about it.  His philosophy: “If you need to eat, then eat!  Nothing worse than feeling like a beggar after a long day of work!”  We love to eat 😉

haruhana nyc

haruhana nyc





Well, K-Town in Midtown NYC is perfect for a late night dinner because there are always places that are open til late and even places like, BCD Tofu House, that are open 24 hours!  We decided on HaruHana.

haruhana nyc

haruhana nyc








We love Lemonade~!  Sweet, slightly tart and so refreshing

haruhana nyc

haruhana nyc










  Assorted Sashimi: Tuna, Salmon, Hamachi.  Yum!

haruhana nyc

haruhana nyc







Chicken Breast Salad: Tender seasoned chicken breast atop some greens with a creamy sauce/dressing.  Not overly complicated or impressive, but it’s good to eat




We ate a bunch of other stuff as well, but…we were too busy eating 🙂


2 Responses to “HaruHana – K-Town, NYC”

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  2. […] Read the full review on Jenn’s Infinite Eat-list blog […]

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