Iji Sushi – Astoria, NY

February 3rd, 2011.  Iji Sushi 

iji sushi
iji sushi


  So next I tried the Japanese place called Iji on the block in the opposite direction…much better!!! I was delighted and impressed with the menu! I mean, blue crab miso soup??? You don’t get that just anywhere! And the staff were also quite kind 😀 I had a very satisfactory dinner 🙂  

iji sushi
iji sushi




  Blue Crab Miso Soup: Blue crab stock with fresh crab meat.  I absolutely loved this soup!  The crab stock made such a huge difference in terms of flavor and it was so clean and fresh.  The fresh crab meat and the enokii mushrooms gave a nice sweetness as well.  A+  

iji sushi
iji sushi





  Beef Negimaki: Beef wrapped around scallions and served with a teriyaki sauce.  The beef was thinly sliced, which may have been the reason why it was a bit dry, but the ample amount of sauce made up for it.  A nice dish.

iji sushi
iji sushi







  25-08 Broadway Roll: eel, avocado & cream cheese roll deep fried and served with an eel lobster sauce.  All my favorite things in one roll!  I really liked this one




I have to say, I found my new favorite sushi place in my area!  Solid items, everything tasted good, and there were a lot of unique items!  Definitely need to come back and try more.  And they do delivery.  Even better!!


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