Yerba Buena (LES)

February 10th, 2011.  Yerba Buena Feeds Me Good Food


yerba buena (les)
yerba buena (les)



Another trip out to Yerba Buena LES, this time to check out this oxtail stew I’ve been hearing about.

  Tallarin Saltado: oxtail + noodles + scallions + piquillos + peas + quail egg

yerba buena (les)
yerba buena (les)





Now, generally, I’m no fan of runny yolk…but, oh mama, this dish is amazing!! So totally comforting coming out in a piping hot steel bowl with the yolk running through the noodles and meat, the tang from the tomatoes and scallion and even the peas were a nice compliment to the dish. Love it!


I found that afterwards I just couldn’t stop craving this meal.  Total comfort food!


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