Yerba Buena (LES)

October 9, 2011

January 10th, 2011.  Yerba Buena on Avenue A

yerba buena (les)

yerba buena (les)



I’m becoming a regular here!  This little Latin bar/restaurant is in the Lower East Side bordering SOHO.  It’s always banging out Latin music you can dance to, which gives it this great energy despite the small space.  I go and always get smiles and chit chat from the staff. My first night there I brought my Bible for some reading to go with my late night dinner…and got to know Gio, the manager and Pablo, the server.  Pablo even ended up giving me a book by Deepak Chopra called “Buddah” as a gift! Yes, the guy is clever 😉

–>A wonderful ginger cocktail to ward off the extreme cold outside…thanks, Aaron 😀  You’re my favorite bartender!!

yerba buena (les)

yerba buena (les)




January 12th, 2011.  Yerba Buena

Time to try some food!  Everything on the menu looks interesting.  Not being overly familiar with Latin American food I was prepared to come here often and try as much as possible!

I got a little corner of a booth right between the bar and the front window.  Made myself a little nook and prepared to eat the night away~!

(Mmmm~~ Mojito~~!!)

yerba buena (les)

yerba buena (les)





  Ceviche: hamachi + red onion + rocoto + cilantro + maiz cancha.  Perfect zing and acidity.  The hamachi was well marinated and the grapefruit on top lent a nice sweetness that cut into the sour.  I loved the sauce….Mmmmmm…sauce….!

yerba buena (les)

yerba buena (les)






  Papas a la Provenzal: shoestring fries + chimichurri.  Who doesn’t love chimichurri sauce?  This was a lot more fries than I expected, which is not bad..except because the fries were so thin it started to get soggy towards the bottom of the basket.

yerba buena (les)

yerba buena (les)







Surprise complimentary snack on the house!  Empanadas: chicken tinga + sirloin picadillo with chimichurri.  It’s easy to make empanadas dry…these ones were pretty well done, despite the fact that they were smaller.  The manchego cheese flecked in the filling gave extra flavor, too.  Yummy bites!


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