Birthday in NYC

January 16th, 2011.  Happy Belated Birthday to Me~

nyc studio
nyc studio

So the morning after my birthday I woke up ready to make the most of the day.  I had worked a long and full day the day before, but I wasn’t aboutt o let that get in the way of me celebrating my first NYC birthday!  I cleaned up a little bit so I could finally take pictures and show off the amazing studio I’m temporarily living in.  My temporary residence upon my arrival to NYC was this GORGEOUS studio apartment on the LES (Lower East Side, folks ;D) on the border of Little Italy and Chinatown on the corner of Mulberry & Grand.

flower candy
flower candy





I still remember walking in and seeing the beloved and much coveted brownstone, hardwood flooring, large walk-in closet and big windows and just feeling like i stepped into a fairytale… ♥

Afterwards I went for a little stroll around Chinatown.  Had a great dim sum lunch which included XLB and then hit up a big Hong Kong supermarket and got myself some treats!

apple waffle and lavender milk tea
apple waffle and lavender milk tea







I bought myself some flower candy from my youth, lavender milk tea and some apple flavored apple “waffles”!


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