Hello, NYC <3

January 6th, 2011.  Ready to Take on the Big Apple!

  I had called my NYC Choi Uncles at the beginning of the year to wish them a happy new year and they were all, “I thought you said you were coming back to New York…where are you??”.  As I was trying to explain that I just hadn’t been able to justify uprooting my whole life to venture on an unknown journey they exclaimed, “It doesn’t matter!  You belong here!  We’ll worry about together when you get here.”  Well…what else to do?  On a euphoric high I immediately scoured the internet for a cheap one-way flight out.

  After my purchase I realized that I only had about a week to get things ready for my who-knows-how-long-I-may-never-come-back trip.  This meant I had some major packing to do.  And strings to tie.  And last minute things to arrange….but before I even knew it I was on a plane and ready for a huge life-adventure!

bloody mary & snack mix
bloody mary & snack mix

Airplane snacks~!!  I swear..they don’t give enough

I tried a virgin Bloody Mary..just to see if maybe I like these now……..nope~~~!  Still can’t stand tomato juice


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