Kura Japanese

October 26th, 2010. Kura Japanese

kura japanese
kura japanese



  Rachel just got back from her very first Vegas trip so of course we had to do a meet-up!  It was so sweet of her to get me some cactus tea from her side-trip to the Grand Canyon as well as a postcard of the Vegas strip at night as a souvenir.  Love my friend!

  Since her office had moved to Burnaby we decided to have dinner at Kura, a Japanese sushi restaurant right on Kingsway by Metrotown.  The wooden door had always intrigued me and I had recently read a good review of the place.  Might as well try it out!

kura japanese
kura japanese




  We shared this Assorted Sashimi for 1 that came with salmon, tuna, saba, tako and prawns.  Personally, I’ve had better.  The sashimi didn’t seem particularly fresh and left a bit too much of a lingering fishy taste.  The tako was tough and the prawns were slightly slimy…


kura japanese
kura japanese





  Spicy Canucks Roll and Kura Roll. Decent.  Not much to write home about.  I mean, it got us full, so it did it’s job, essentially.


kura japanese
kura japanese






  Chicken Yakitori.  The chicken was well cooked, but I would have liked the sauce to be a bit darker.  It seemed a little watered down.  The green onion gave it good flavor together, though 🙂



Overall I was pretty disappointed.  I came after having read some pretty decent reviews…but the restaurant was not as cozy as the front door suggests, the food was lacking any sort of character and the place was just kind of cold.  Not a fan.


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