Umami Sushi (Surrey)

September 28th, 2010. Umami Sushi with Eleazar

Umami Sushi
Umami Sushi

  We kept saying we would..and then it would always get postponed…FINALLY Eleazar and I were able to sit down for some sushi & a chat!  He told me this place is pretty decent..Well, with a name like Umami my tastebuds better be surprised!  (Hehe..just kidding, no pressure!!)

  I liked the interior…and by interior I mean the cool pop-like Japanese “art” across the one wall.  It’s cute!

Umami Sushi
Umami Sushi




  I had a Sashimi Combo.  As you can see, decently thick slices of fish.  And yes, pretty fresh.  No complaints..but not wowed either.

Umami Sushi
Umami Sushi






  This was like, 10 months ago..and I can’t possibly remember what this roll was….It was deep fried, I’m pretty sure the red you see there is salmon and there may or may not have been some cream cheese involved…all I can say is that the roll was enjoyed..!


  Nothing like a good, productive chat along with your food 🙂


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