Power Dinner @ Cactus Club Cafe (Metrotown)

September 23rd, 2010.  Power Dinner with Rachel at Cactus Club Cafe

cactus club cafe
cactus club cafe





  So, Rachel and I were in dire need of some girl-talk, so we coordinated a very quick dinner meet-up by her work in Burnaby.  The safest bet just seemed to be staring us in the face: Cactus Club Cafe.  Besides, I like the place   Anyways, perfect set-up for a quick catch up on boys!

cactus club cafe
cactus club cafe





  Surprisingly enough I just stuck with my tried and true go-to dish, the Wor Wonton Soup with a the Cajun Chicken Breast.  Bbq pork, asian noodles, baby corn, mixed vegetables, little bite-sized wontons and some cajun seasoned chicken on top.  It’s actually nice and tasty and fills you up just right.  Can’t go wrong!

cactus club cafe
cactus club cafe




  Rachel decided to try the Fajita: black beans, salsa fresca, grilled cajun vegetables, sour cream, cheese and lettuce with cajun chicken.  She had no complaints although she did pretty full from just half the meal!  I’m glad that the portion size is on par with the price! 



  Bash chain restaurants all you want..but when you don’t have the mental energy to try to think up some hot unique place and are afraid of getting lost just trying to find it, then you need a go-to place like Cactus Club.  Good service,  nice atmosphere, decent grub and a fancy drink list 🙂


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    1. Lol!! i know…i’m like, 10 months backed up cuz i didn’t have computer and internet access and then i was in nyc for 5 months….imma try to upload all of last years stuff as fast as possible and then start working on all the new stuff! *sigh*….

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