Granville Room

August 12th, 2010. Granville Room! 

granville room
granville room

  Before I left for New York Rachel and I had been planning an upcoming girls’ night.  We’d both really been wanting to check out Joseph Richard, a new lounge/nightclub on Granville Street, so after I got back from my trip I put us on the guestlist as well as making a reservation via OpenTable at Granville Room for some pre-club dinner.




granville room
granville room

  I’ve been to Granville Room before, and while I think they actually have a great menu and the food is good they reallllllly need to work on service!  I mean, when I arrived there were only 2 other small tables were occupied.  Yet I was left standing at the door for almost 10 minutes watching the 2 waitresses standing at the end of the bar chatting.  Really??!!

granville room
granville room


  After a look at the menu   Rachel and I both made a beeline for the August Appetizer, the Duck Confit Pierogies (cheddar perogies, shredded duck confit, caramelized onion & cherry compote with creme fraiche).  Unfortunately 10 minutes after ordering our server came back to tell us they are all out. WHAT??! Dinner service has hardl even begun and you JUST find out your out of it? *sigh*.  Strike 2.

granville room
granville room



  I ended up getting 2 small plates.  First the Bruschetta – Basil Pesto, Goat’s Cheese, Spicy Tomato Salsa with Port and Pomegranate Reduction.  I hav to say I was actually pretty impressed with this!  It was a lot more high-class than what I expected!  Great flavors with the sweetness of the reduction, the tartness of the salsa, the pungent goat cheese and the mild pesto as a base.  I was pretty happy with this one and even the girls were impressed 🙂  

granville room
granville room






  I love cheese and one thing I always want to try but don’t get to are cheese plates!  Since I was just ordering a couple small plates I thought this would be a good choice.   Three Fine Cheeses with Accompaniments – Bresse Bleu (France) with Grilled Balsamic Pear, Cave Aged Swiss Gruyere (Switzerland) with burnt lemon chutney, Morbier (France) with Shaved Maple Almonds.  I was in love with the Gruyere and burnt lemon chutney!  But again, this was a pleasant surprise.  Happy!




  Lindsey was pretty happy with her very large and meaty wings and I was happy with my plates, so I’d say food-wise we were all happy!  But I have to reiterate:  Service and professionalism is completely lacking!!  Considering there really was only our party of 3 and maybe only 2 other small tables in the restaurant I definitely think we should have seen our server more than the 2 or 3 times she briefly made an appearance.  The kitchen should really be communicating with the front of house staff more so that they know what’s in shortage and be able to inform the customers beforehand.  In short, no matter how much I like the food if the service lacks professionalism then I would highly reconsider coming back. 



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    1. thanks, jeanine 🙂
      actually, the format and design are templates from wordpress though the photos and words are mine 🙂

      i have to admit…wordpress is not always the easiest to use, though.
      i’ve been frustrated numerous times in the editing process and as you may have found i have lots of inconsistencies with my blog posts in terms of font size and color 😛

      but thanks again for the kind words and i hope to see your blog soon!

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