Well Tea

August 5th, 2010. Girl Talk @ Well Tea

well tea
well tea


  So after my NYC trip I had to get together with Rachel to debrief!  I was playing volleyball that evening in Vancouver so I coordinated to meet up with Rachel in Richmond at Well Tea, one of many Richmond bubble tea joints.  Their extremely extensive list of bubble teas=a very undecisive Rachel! 

well tea
well tea




  Salty Peppery Chicken has become my bubble tea cafe staple.  I think it must be hard to get this wrong..because every time I’ve had it it’s been good – Super hot, crispy, juicy and spicy!

well tea
well tea









  I decided on my drink fairly quickly.  Rose Grenadine Milk Green Tea.  A subtle sweetness and rose taste.  It’s actually quite nice!  I want to try this as a hot tea  


well tea
well tea






  Girl time with Rachel is great.  We vent, worry, laugh and tease..all while enjoying food!  I almost think I’m not capable of getting together with someone without ingesting something…LOL!!




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