Mini Pinwheels

July 7th, 2010. Yummy Pinwheels~!!!

jenn's pinwheels
jenn's pinwheels

  I love puff pastry!  Well….pastry in general…I mean who can resist the flaky, buttery goodness?  I had some smoked serrano ham left and some spicy mustard on hand so I figured, why not make some mini pinwheels?  Bite-sized=easy to eat without the mess and easy to transport!  I rolled out some puff pastry and made 2 kinds of pinwheels.  One savory and one sweet!  The sweet one is strawberry jam pinwheels.  The savory is spicy mustard and serrano ham with aged cheddar. 

jenn's pinwheels
jenn's pinwheels

   As you can see I found that it wasn’t easy to cut these into perfect circles…did I defrost my puf pastry for too long?  Maybe it was too soft?  Ir it could be that the contents were too mushy…ah, whatever!  They turned out round enough in the end!  One other problem was that the jam made the sweet pinwheels stick to the wax paper…Hmm…!

jenn's pinwheels
jenn's pinwheels
Look how cute these turned out!  They were pretty yummy!  Pow!!  Lots of flavor in one bite!  The drawback?  I was extremely sick and had a very tender/sore throat/mouth so it was actually quite difficult to eat these…but that’s okay, because after my healed I made another batch!




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