Terracotta Modern Chinese

June 1st, 2010. Terracotta in Gastown  

terracotta modern chinese
terracotta modern chinese

   New friend, Selim, invited me to come check out a brand new “restaurant” in Gastown called Terracotta.  It’s supposed to be a “hip & trendy” take on Chinese food.  Basically, a “tapas style” place to come for drinks, judging by the fact that there seem to be some really sweet drink deals on any given day!  We actually went just a week or 2 since they’d had their soft open and when we got there Selim’s friend mentioned that they’d be doing an official grand opening the next week. 

terracotta modern chinese
terracotta modern chinese

  In true Jenn form, I checked out the website.  It made the place seem pretty impressive; maybe I should have known better?  While the atmosphere was fitting for a Gastown or even a Yaletown lounge I found the food to be..sub-par.  I have definitely had better at cheap Chinese places all around town!  That being said: the downstairs birthday party lounge/VIP area seems like a fun place to just chill and hang out and yes, the drink deals are really good!

terracotta modern chinese
terracotta modern chinese
  First item to come out was the Ginger Beef Dynasty: Savory Ginger Beef with Green & White Onion.  Was it worth the $9.00? absolutely not! but the company was worth it.  I had a lot of fun listening to Selim and his older actor friend talk about the film industry and life. 
terracotta modern chinese
terracotta modern chinese

 We also tried the Crispy Wontons.  These were pretty big bites! Super hot and packed with shrimp and other filler..actually kinda tasty!  The shrimp was big and juicy and the wonton was nice and crispy.  I liked that it came with a red wine vinegar dipping sauce as it provided a nice contrast to the wontons. 

More than anything, it was a wonderfully warm night and I left with a heady feeling of happiness and felt like I was walking in a dream.  Gastown does this to me…makes me feel transported into a place in my imagination!


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