Olive Garden 

May 26th, 2010. 6:15 Dinner – Olive Garden

olive garden
olive garden

  Another Wednesday 6:15 Dinner!  This time we were joined by Darryn and his brother Jonathan.  Love that this is becoming a regular eat-out thing 😉 

  I admit it: Olive Garden is somewhat of a guilty pleasure for me.  Yes, the entrees are not particularly authentic, and yes, after trying “real”-er italtian food you can quickly tell that this stuff is not freshly made in house or particularly “authentic”.  However…the bread sticks are delicious, the soups are, for the main part good and filling, and the salad is great!  Not to mention…despite my complaint of the entrees being overpriced you do get pretty stuffed from the unlimited bread sticks, soup and salad so you don’t feel like you’re getting gyped TOO much.  This particular night the restaurant was promoting a certain wine and our server actually poured all of us a sample.  I didn’t drink mine since I’m a slow drinker and we were in a rush to eat and go, but how generous! 

olive garden
olive garden




Of course I had the Zuppa Toscana as my appetizer: Spicy Sausage, Russet Potatoes and Cavolo Greens in a Creamy Broth (Yuuuum!). It’s pretty much everything I’d want in a soup: lots of flavor, spicy, meaty, brothy and hearty!  The salad is also pretty amazing too.  I love how even though only one person orders the salad they still bring it out in the huge communal bowl; it’s like they expect us to share anyways 😉

olive garden
olive garden

    My Dinner was the Five Cheese Crespelles (Italian Crepes filled with 5 Italian Cheeses) topped with Grilled Italian Sausage in a Tomato Alfredo Sauce.  Not bad….I couldn’t detect all the cheese varieties, though there was definitely ricotta…and the sausage didn’t taste like they were grilled, more like boiled.  That part wasn’t so good.

Another fun 6:15pm dinner in which we bantered, mocked and humored each other!  Well done, friends, well done 😉  


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