Brown’s Socialhouse

May 8th, 2010. Brunch @ Brown’s Socialhouse   

brown's socialhouse
brown's socialhouse

   After attending a morning seminar at North Langley Community Church I popped in at Brown’s Socialhouse for a brunch while I finished off a little bit of “homework”.  I don’t mind eating alone, but I’m not one to just sit there not doing anything while waiting for my food.  I have to at least pretend to be preoccupied.  I can’t be the only one who does this, can I?  I’m sure you all do it too!   

brown's socialhouse
brown's socialhouse

 It was such an amazingly sunny and warm day that I definitely wanted to sit out on the patio.  I ordered a tea with honey and lemon.  The only unpleasant thing was my tea mug. It smelled pretty awful.. Like dirty water and soap.  It made my tea very ugly.  Was not impressed.  But I was in a hurry. So I didn’t make a fuss.  But yeah..nothing kills a drink like a smelly cup… I really have to start carrying my own in my purse?  Major peeve.  

brown's socialhouse
brown's socialhouse

As for my meal, I got the Prosciutto Eggs Benedict with Tomato Bruschetta, Goat Cheese and housemade Hollandaise.  I got my eggs well done, because I don’t like runny yolk.  At all.  It came with a side of “hash” wich was just some cubed panfried potatoes.  Nothing special, but not bad.  Also, I thought it would have been better if the fruit on the plate came in a little bowl or something, not just plopped right onto the plate with the eggs and potatos.  They could not avoid my zealous peppering and pepper on my fresh oranges and grapes..not something particularly palate cleansing after the mean.  I was really surprised by how much I enjoyed the eggs, though!  It was cooked just enough and the slightly zesty tomato, pungent goat cheese and salty prosciutto were well represented and worked well together!  The bread was a bit tough to cut through, but hey, I didn’t expect much on that front anyways.   

I have to say, I mostly enjoyed this nice solo brunch out in the sun!  


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