Empire Garden Chinese Restaurant 

March 7th, 2010. Dim Sum Lunch Date with Gahee~

empire garden chinese restaurant
empire garden chinese restaurant

  Sometimes you just don’t feeling like eating church food.  So, in between services Gahee and I slipped out to Empire Garden for a private Dim Sum lunch!  Well, okay, fine, more like nobody else really was up for it.  But it was all for the best because Gahee and I seemed to like the same thing, so it all worked out in the end! 

I’m not gonna lie.  I love dim sum.  When I first moved to Canada I tried many things that would open my eyes to true gastronomical satisfaction.  Dim sum was one of them!  I still remember my aunt taking me downtown with Yumi for a Dim Sum snack…I was delighted with the push carts and yes….I cringed at the chicken feet…!  But really., I thought it was the most novel thing ever!  Tapas style Chinese food…who would’ve thunk! 

empire garden chinese restaurant
empire garden chinese restaurant
It’s sad, because Langley or Surrey don’t have real decent Dim Sum places..and the fact that I work all day doesn’t leave me a lot of opportunity to go seek out Dim Sum.  Besides, how much can I get on my own, right?  Anyways, Empire Garden’s dim sum has always been good and the place is clean, so when the craving becomes unbearable this is where I’ll come!
 Being only the two of us we tried not to oder too much.  First to arrive were the Steamed Rice Flour Rolls with Beef.  Soft and slippery is not normally my favorite..but I have a weakness for rice rolls!  The beef flavor of the filling was mild, but the soy/vinegar sauce helped boost this dish overall.


empire garden chinese restaurant
empire garden chinese restaurant

It was a chilly, drab day so we were both really feelin’ the congee.  The waitress told us that the seafood congee was on special, so that’s what we ordered,  To be honest it was a bit too watery, I think, when you compare it to Korean congee (jook), but it was hot and there was a good amount of seafood.  Besides, what it lacks in boldness you can always add to in the form of soy sauce and sesame oil (and or chili oil!).

empire garden chinese restaurant
empire garden chinese restaurant

One of my personal favorites is the Steamed BBQ Pork Bun.  The sweetness of the bun and the bbq sauce and the savory pork makes for a great flavor porfile!  It’s a simple dish and super yummy!  Luckily our pork buns were nice and soft and not dry.  Yay!!!  But it looks like next time I take pictures I should also have a picture of what this stuff looks like inside.  Duly noted.

Of course Dim Sum is not Dim Sum without a har gow!  We had the Shrimp Har Gow.  It came out perfectly steamed, good size, and juicy yt crunchy shrimp inside.  I can take it or leave it in many cases because there’s always so many new options I’d like to try, but come on, this is a staple!

Anyways, we had a nice cozy lunch and Gahee is such a sweetheart.  She paid for lunch!  How can I not love this girl ♥ 

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